Design Ideas for Small Apartments

Living in an urban city does not give you the luxury of a big house with gardens around to enjoy. You are left with no other choice but small apartments in which you have to spend your tiresome day after work. Having a cramp and disorganized place to rest will not do good for your recharging of energy activity. Do not worry; you can make the small space if your apartment into a bigger looking one by following these easy steps in design ideas for small apartments.

The first design ideas for small apartments are making use of the space. Smaller space can look bigger when you arrange them well. Reduce your furniture into the basic and necessary ones and throw away the unimportant couches, empty CD cases or shelves which packed your apartment. For example, if you have a king size bed when you live by yourself, you can change it into a smaller bed and use the underside of it for storage by adding shelves in it. This way you can reduce space for your drawers in your room. Another example is using a simple couch for four than different lazy chairs in your living room. One piece sofa is better and much simpler which still can accommodate more people.

Color is next when it comes to making design ideas for small apartments tricks. Bright is the best to make your apartment seems bigger and more comfortable. Start by repainting your walls in natural pastel colors such as cream, white, peach, light shades of blue, green, pink etc. as long as it is bright, it will do. If you opt to have a pattern on your wallpaper, make sure that it is soft and avoid bold colored pattern since it will make the room seems packed up. Combine the bright colored walls with darker shade furniture to tone down the brightness such as dark blue sofa, modern dark TV set or bookshelves etc.

Light comes next in design ideas for small apartments. Adding lighting in some corners of your apartment will illuminate its dark corners and in the end will soften the edges of those corners. Softer edges will make the room seems bigger. A shadowed area will only sharpen the edges and makes the room seems smaller. Small track lightings or small wall or decorative lightings in various forms can be installed in various corners of your apartments.

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