Cozy Basement Bar Design Ideas

Who said that basement can only be used as a warehouse? In fact, some basements can be transformed into a nice and cozy bar in which you can entertain your guests without being afraid to disturb your neighbors with your loud music. When it comes to soundproof bar, basement is the cheapest solution. Here are some tricks to create a cozy basement bar design ideas to help you creating a perfect lounging and entertaining space for your guests.

When it goes to cozy basement bar design ideas, one thing you need is step back and take a look at it. Consider the available space, wiring and plumbing involved in it. You have to make sure that whatever you will make in your basement, the setting is safe and clean. Ask for a professional help to trim it for you if it has not been done by the previous owner. Space availability will decide on the kind of shape your bar needs. An L shape is perfect for bigger spaces basement, but if it can’t be done, a simple cabinet bar or standard ones will do.

After you consider the space, you need to decide on the theme of your cozy basement bar design ideas. Theme is essential since it will make you easier to choose the right furniture and decoration to go with your bar. If you are a sport freak, you can have your bar made in to such by adding some team color themes to your cabinets and decorations and add some sport memorabilia here and there. A more classical and traditional bar requires you to have a nice wooden cabinet and countertop to give the classic look of it. For a modern one, you might need to add stainless steel cabinet or countertop to make your bar looks shiny and sleek.

Despite the theme, one thing that you should not forget is deciding on the budget. If you have only limited budget, you do not need to add exaggerated furniture and accessories to you basement bar design ideas. You can choose to have vinyl in wooden tone to replace expensive teak wood counter top or you can opt to have glass door or open shelves to replace expensive and luxurious cabinet to store your beverages. Remember; do not be depressed, there will always be a cheaper alternative to everything.

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